What is iLab?

The University and Notre Dame Research support more than 40 core facilities and research resources that are available to on-campus researchers as well as external users. These research facilities support a vibrant research community and are fully staffed to provide expert guidance, support, and instrumentation for their users.

The University uses Agilent's iLab Core Facility Management software, which provides increased support functionality for centralized core facilities. This includes resource scheduling (calendars for reserving specific resources), hardware interlock functionality, time and cost-tracking for projects, access controls for equipment needing trained users, billing and robust reporting capabilities.

All on-campus core facility users and external customers are required to register in iLab. You may click the green button in the upper right corner to register and log in.  Campus users may also register through InsideND by using their NDID credentials.  

The use of the core facilities is typically on a fee-for-service basis.  Please check out the Core Facilities at Notre Dame tab for more details.


To login to iLab, please click the green "login" button located at the top right side of this page. 

Individuals from outside of the University with iLab accounts can use their current account by clicking the green "login" button and then clicking the "Login using iLab credentials" checkbox in the 'Not a University of Notre Dame user' section of the login dialogue box.


Need an iLab Account?

Click the green "login" button, located at the upper right corner of this page, to get started. The system is accessible to the University of Notre Dame faculty, staff, and students using your Notre Dame credentials.  If you need to register for an account, follow these simple steps.


Questions about iLab?

If you have systems-related issues, email Agilent support at ilab-support@agilent.com to report your issue. For assistance with account access, system navigation, and more, visit the Agilent help site or email the Notre Dame iLab Core Facilities Team at ndcores@nd.edu for the most prompt service.




iLab Cores at University of Notre Dame

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
ASEND Facility

Operating at the intersection of Biology, Chemistry and Materials Science!

Karl Cronberger kcronber@nd.edu 248-797-7085
Biophysics Instrumentation Core Facility

The BIC Facility offers sophisticated instrumentation dedicated to characterizing biomolecular conformations and interactions.

Giselle Jacobson gjacobso@nd.edu 574-631-3556
Center for Research Computing

The Center for Research Computing (CRC) at University of Notre Dame is an innovative and multidisciplinary research environment that supports collaboration to facilitate multidisciplinary discoveries through advanced computation, software engineering, data analysis, and other digital research ...

CRC Support CRCSupport@nd.edu
Center for Social Science Research

CSSR cssr@nd.edu
Chemical Synthesis and Drug Discovery Facility

Brandon Ashfeld, PhD bashfeld@nd.edu 574-631-1727
Chemistry Nitrogen Core Facility

The Chemistry Nitrogen Core Facility operates out of Stepan Chemistry Hall room 149E. We offer both liquid nitrogen and piped nitrogen gas to users of our Core Facility. Turnaround times for filling large, wheeled dewars (180 – 240 L) is on average 50 min. A large, community dewar is ava...

Mary Prorok mprorok@nd.edu 574-631-9120
Computer Aided Molecular Design (CAMD)

Olaf Wiest owiest@nd.edu 574-631-5876
Digital Image Correlation System

Yahya (Gino) Kurama, PhD, PE ykurama@nd.edu 574-386-4911 
Dry Ice Core Facility

Kevin Stout kstout@nd.edu 574-631-1759
Engineering Machine Shop

Mike Sanders MICHAEL.SANDERS.67@nd.edu 574-631-6228
Engineering and Design Core Facility (EDCF)

The Engineering and Design Core Facility provides engineering and design support to the Notre Dame research community.

Jim Smous jsmous@nd.edu 574-631-8127
External User Core

Jeff Schorey schorey.1@nd.edu 574-631-3734
Fluorescence Assisted Cell Sorter Facility

Charles Tessier crtessie@iu.edu 574-631-2519
Freimann Life Science Center

Iris Bolton ibolton@nd.edu 574-631-5393
Genomics and Bioinformatics Core Facility

University of Notre Dame Genomics and Bioinformatics Core Facility

The Genomics & Bioinformatics Core Facility (GBCF) offers comprehensive services and support for genomics experiments and bioinformatics analysis. 

Michael Pfrender mpfrende@nd.edu 574-631-0591
Hessert Lab

Robert Chlebek Robert.E.Chlebek.3@nd.edu 574-631-1702
Lucy Family Institute for Data & Society (LFIDS)

Rick Johnson rick.johnson@nd.edu 574-631-1086

Antonio Simonetti simonetti.3@nd.edu
Mass Spectrometry & Proteomics Facility (MSPF)

Bill Boggess, Ph.D. wboggess@nd.edu 574-631-4027
Materials Characterization Facility

The MCF has a wide range of analytical capabilities including research project consulting, UV-Vis, FTIR, Raman, DSC, TGA, Mass Spectrometry, Rheometer with mechanical testing, reaction and solution calorimetry, AFM, Profilometer, GC-MS Triple Quad, GC-TCD, GC-FID, Electron Microprobe, XPS, Hig...

Ian Lightcap ilightca@nd.edu 574-631-1493
McCourtney Hall Nitrogen Core Facility

Kevin Stout kstout@nd.edu 574/631-1759
Molecular Structure Facility

The Molecular Structure Facility at Notre Dame houses three single crystal and two powder diffractometers. This allows researchers rapid and timely access to a fundamental analysis of new compounds synthesized in their laboratories. In addition, two high-magnification microscopes are available...

ND Nanofabrication Facility

Patrick Fay pfay@nd.edu 574-631-5693
NDIIF Advanced Electron Microscopy Core

The advanced Electron Microscopy Core integrates a unique bundle of state-of-the-art FEI tools that enable expert users to attack the most complex modern research problems from micron to A...

Sarah Chapman imaging.nd.edu 574-631-3813
NDIIF Histology

The NDIIF Histology Core Services include tissue fixation, processing, embedding, sectioning, staining, and coverslipping of paraffin or frozen tissue se...

Sarah Chapman Sarah.Chapman@nd.edu 574-631-3813
NDIIF In Vivo Imaging

The Notre Dame In Vivo Imaging Core provides a non-invasive approach to observe various disease and biological conditions in living systems. 

Sarah Chapman Sarah.Chapman@nd.edu 631-3813
NDIIF Optical Microscopy Core

The Optical Microscopy Core (OMC) provides researchers with the opportunity to acquire informative single images and three-dimensional reconstructions of fluorescently labeled cells and tissues, either fixed or live. Our a

Sara Cole scole7@nd.edu 574-631-5443
Notre Dame Linked Experimental Ecosystem Facility (ND-LEEF)

The Notre Dame Linked Experimental Ecosystem Facility, or ND-LEEF, is a globally unique research facility that houses four man-made experimental watersheds, each consisting of an interconnected pond, stream, and wetland. Scientists use ND-LEEF to conduct experiments in a field-like s...

Brett Peters, M.S. bpeters2@nd.edu
Notre Dame Turbomachinery Facility

ND Turbo ndturbo@nd.edu 574 631-7781
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility

Justin Pontius jpontius@nd.edu
Physics Machine Shop

Randy Hamper rhamper@nd.edu 574-631-8188
Pulte Institute for Global Development

Cassidy O'Block globaldevelopment@nd.edu 574-631-2940
Radiation Lab

Kiva Ford kford3@nd.edu 574-631-6443