Lucy Family Institute for Data & Society (LFIDS)

Overview of Services

Lucy Family Institute for Data & Society (LFIDS) Core Facility brings expertise in data science, AI, GIS, data engineering, software engineering, product management, computing, applications, and methods. The core facility also brings forth core societal expertise in areas of human development, ethics, global development, and poverty studies. Combining these core capabilities enables LFIDS to compile best-in-class research teams aligned toward specific societal challenges that translate out of research and into practice. This is done through research, incentivization, collaboration with regional industry, education and outreach, and through special initiatives.


Nitesh Chawla, Director of Lucy Family Institute for Data and Society

Natalie Meyers, Associate Director of Operations

Rick Johnson, Managing Dir of AETL

Valya Kuskova, Managing Dir of AnalytiXIN

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

610 Flanner Hall

University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame, IN 46556

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Rick Johnson

Valya Kuskova
Professor of the Practice, Lucy Family Institute