Fluorescence Assisted Cell Sorter Facility

Overview of Services

Separates or sorts cells that are phenotypically different from each other, as well as, cells that express proteins of interest.
High-speed fixed alignment laser bench top sorter that has the ability to sort or isolate cells of interest from a mixed population of cells.
Equipped with 405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm, 631 nm lasers and is capable of up to 10 color simultaneous detection
Subpopulations of cells are tagged with a fluorescent-conjugated antibody that binds to a protein uniquely expressed by the cells of interest.
Multiple sorting options, from sorting single population of cells, up to sorting four different cell populations in a temperature-controlled environment.
Single cells may also be sorted directly onto standard cell culture plates.
Sorting, data acquisition, and analysis are controlled by BD FACSDiva software.


Victoria A. Ploplis Director 631-4017 vploplis@nd.edu
Charles Tessier Manager 631-2519 crtessie@iupui.edu
Yetunde Ayinuola User 303-8801 yayinuol@nd.edu



Name Role Phone Email Location
Charles Tessier
127 Raclin-Carmichael
Yetunde Ayinuola


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