Chemistry Nitrogen Core Facility

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The Chemistry Nitrogen Core Facility operates out of Stepan Chemistry Hall room 149E. We offer both liquid nitrogen and piped nitrogen gas to users of our Core Facility. Turnaround times for filling large, wheeled dewars (180 – 240 L) is on average 50 min. A large, community dewar is available all year for dispensing liquid nitrogen into smaller (4 – 10 L), in-lab supplied dewars. Liquid nitrogen PPE is required for use of this community dewar. We thank you for choosing us for your research or instructional needs.


Mary Prorok Core Administrator 574-631-9120
Kevin Young Core Associate 574-631-5661

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday

8AM - 5PM 

149E Stepan Chemistry Hall



Name Role Phone Email Location
Mary Prorok
Core manager
251B Nieuwland
Kevin Young
Core associate
150 Stepan Chemistry

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